Sante Fe
Inspired by the mountains and rivers the Santa Fe collection gives a natural bold look. Worn with a white linen shirt and your favorite  washed out jeans, the rich colors of turquoise, coral and lapis will take you anywhere, from strolling down Caynon Road to the Opera at night.
  1. Ruby Cluster, Turquoise, 24KT Gold Vermeil Bead
  2. Peruvian Opal Loops, with Emerald Clusters
  3. Moonstone Chandelier Earrings
  4. Semi Precious Gemstone Loops
  5. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, with Gold Pyrite Beads
  6. 52" Hand Knotted Chrysophrase Necklace
  7. Peacock Pearls, Citron, Amethyst and Topaz Briolets
  8. 32" Green Faceted Garnets, Hand Knotted
  9. Lazuli Lapis Stones, 24KT Vermeil Spacers
  10. 36" Peruvian Faceted Beads, with Sleeping Beauty Spacers