This charmed collection of Light and feminine necklaces can be worn with charms or by themselves creating endless moments.
Whether socializing at brunch or enjoying a lovely night on the town.

  1. Price: 350$
    42" CZ Chain with Star Burst, Cross, Pearl-Citrine Charms
  2. Price: 350$
    38" Hand Linked Turquoise Beads and Charmed Drops
  3. 38” Citron Beads, Swarovski Crystals and Baroque Charm
  4. Price: 350$
    38" Gold Chain with CZ's, Starburst and Pearl Charms
  5. Price: 350$
    38" Silver Pearl Necklace with Charmed Drops
  6. Price: 350$
    34" Silver CZ Chain with Bow, Cross and Pearl Charms
  7. 36” Topaz and Swarovski Crystals with Quartz Charm