By The Sea
Designed with the coolness of the water and the warmth of the sand. Weather its a splash of Peruvian Opals by the poolside or a layered Abalone shell necklace this look is a perfect match for your favorate summer dress.
  1. Lace Lavender Polished Agate Bracelets, Baroque Pearl Drop
  2. Lustrous White Baroque Pearl Earing
  3. Rock Quartz Lariat, Citron, Baroque Pearl Drops
  4. Moonstone Lariat ,Blue ,Clear and Baroque Pearl drops
  5. 34" Chrysophrase Necklace with Rock Quartz
  6. 17" Gemstone Necklace with Coin Pearls
  7. 48" Multi Gemstones and Pearl Necklace, Toggle Drop
  8. Price: 350$
    Pearl Necklace with Faceted Amethyst Beads
  9. 18” Keisha Pearls, with Peruvian Opals
  10. 18" Geode Gemstones Necklace with Peruvian Opals