About Me

Feminine, electric, one of a kind, must have jewelry " easily describes Delight Van Dame's latest collection! Looking for that perfect necklace to complement your summer tan and strapless dress at the next pool party? Or that unique pair of chandeliers to outshine all the others at "the" wedding of the year? Maybe a bracelet adorned with semi-precious jewels to make your "uniform" (jeans and a t-shirt) look oh-so fine. If so, Delight designs jewelry to satisfy every mood and every event!

An alchemist at heart, Delight creates her line of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from a vast entourage of remarkable gemstones, polished opals and sleeping beauty turquoise (her favorite). Freshwater pearls and vintage beads. 

"My collection is an expression of individuality. Whether you are looking to make a bold glamorous statement or something more delicate. I hope you find my work refreshingly distinctive, trend setting and elegant."​ (Delight Van Dame)
Customers Say

  1. Margo Calvetti Frost
    Margo Calvetti Frost
    I was in Aspen years ago. I saw this beautiful necklace on this attractive woman. I left my family during lunch and bought the necklace right off her neck. Now after 12 years of fun and great friendship I have an incredible Jewelry collection.
  2. Cary Langston
    Cary Langston
    Delight's uncanny ability to mix together color and texture to create jewelry with panache, makes her custom pieces my go to for parties, weddings and more!!
  3. Susan Knape
    Susan Knape
    I treasure my Treasures from Delight Van Dame. Always wearable from jeans to evening. Best ever when layered.